We offer limited gunsmithing services which include:  Scope and optic mounting, sight installation / adjustment, sighting-in and gun cleaning.  For more details please contact us.


Bring in your firearm

Additional Information

  • There are no returns on firearms, ammo, or special order items.
  • Guns that are not picked up within 45 days of receiving them or have not been picked up after service are subject to a $25 per month storage fee. Once the value of the gun is reached, we keep the gun for payment.
  • If you have a problem with a new gun, or if your firearm in NOT legal in the state of Maryland we will assist you with the shipping of the firearm back to the manufacturer. Postage and handling costs are paid by the owner of the gun or the manufacturer.​
  • Firearms that come in with magazines with a greater capacity than 10 rounds will be confiscated and disposed of unless the buyer has the required LE credentials. It is illegal for us to transfer those magazines to a resident, and it is prohibited for us to ship the magazines out of state in conjunction with the transfer. Thank you for your understanding.